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Natural Solution For Chronic Smelly Mouth And Stinky Breath

 Bad Breath Also known As Halitosis

Dear Sir/Ma,

Bad breath also known as halitosis, is characterized by an unpleasant odor of the mouth. Causes of bad breath include food, tobacco products, poor dental hygiene, health problems, dry mouth, oral infections, dental problems, or medications.

Bad breath is caused by odor-producing bacteria that grow in the mouth. When you don’t brush and floss regularly, bacteria accumulate on the bits of food left in the mouth. Bad breath can also caused by some underlying health condition or diseases. Examples include infection, diabetes and ulcer, if they are not properly treated.


Smelly Foods – oniony, garlicy, or spicy foods can produce bad breath for some time after you eat them. This is a temporary smell and the only solution for this is to brush after eating immediately.

Coffee – coffee can cause bad breath due to the strong odor it produces and the caffeine also slows saliva production.

Dry mouth – decreased saliva production can cause bad breath. Causes of dry mouth include, smoking, breathing through your mouth, or a medication side effect. Dry mouth could also be a sign of other health concerns.

Tobacco – smoking or chewing tobacco can cause bad breath along with causing teeth staining, irritated gums, and increased chance of cancer. Quitting tobacco use would be a great step towards oral and overall health.

Bacteria – bacteria from decaying food particles can cause bad breath. Proper dental care, including flossing, brushing twice a day, decrease the chance of bacteria build up that will lead to bad breath.

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Dental issues – gum disease and cavities along with other tooth or dental appliance issues can be the cause of bad breath.

People who suffer from sinus infections or other respiratory issues are also more likely to experience bad breath.

If you really want to Get Rid of Bad Breath Permanently, then you need to read this page to the end to see how myself and many others have used this natural remedy to Get Rid of Bad Breath, Mouth Odour and Body Odour naturally and how you can get yours too.

Woman frowning at man trying to kiss her

Are you sick and tired of feeling Embarrassed and Humiliated by your bad breath? 

Is your condition making you anxious about social situations, and affecting your Confidence and Self-Esteem? 

Do you worry that your breath might be ruining your Relationships with friends, spouse or partner? 

Are you constantly thinking about ways to cover up your bad breath? 

Do you stay a certain distance away from people in fear that they will “find out” about your bad breath?

Do you chew mints, use sprays and gargle mouthwash in an attempt to MASK your breath? 

Are you concerned that your bad breath could be affecting your work relationships, and even your career? 
And finally… 

Do you just wish that there was a quick, cheap and 100% NATURAL remedy for bad breath?
If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then you’re in exactly the right place… “Because there is a Solution!” 

I’m going to show you a proven and all-natural remedy for HALITOSIS, more commonly known as “bad breath”, which will HELP you to…

Say goodbye to that horrible dragon breath for good.
Boost your confidence and self-esteem. Throw away those mints, mouth sprays and chewing gum packets FOREVER, and save heaps of money.
Get rid of your bad breath 100% NATURALLY!

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Instantly improve your personal and work relationships (you’ll be amazed at the difference in how people treat you when you don’t have stinking breath!)
Enjoy socializing again, without having to worry about your breath, or whether you’re likely to offend the nostrils of every “victim” you speak to.
Be so happy and confident in the freshness of your breath that you could literally grab and kiss the next person you see!

Fix the ROOT CAUSE of your bad breath, rather than simply mask the SYMPTOMS, and say goodbye to the embarrassment and humiliation of bad breath FOREVER!
“Does that sound like something you want?”

Bad Breath/Mouth Odour Solution will naturally and permanently:
Reduce the Bacteria loads in Gum.
Disinfect and purifies the entire digestive system,
Boost immune system and prevent against free radicals that may want to attack the body system

NO MORE foul-smelling“halitosis”ever again
NO MORE embarrassment or humiliation in social situations
NO MORE having to keep your distance from people when you talk to them
NO MORE having to spend heaps of money on products that only “mask” the problem
NO MORE living like a recluse, afraid to go out because of your rotten breath
NO MORE losing friends or ruining relationships PLEASE