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‘Bad To Me’ Review: It’s High Time Wizkid Employed Creative Songwriters!

‘Bad To Me’ Review: It’s High Time Wizkid Employed Creative Songwriters!

Wizkid returns with ‘Bad To Me’, his first single in 2 years. Expectations had been on the rise since when Wizkid first announced the coming of the song, for it was going to be the first single in two years from one of the biggest African artists ever. However, ‘Bad To Me’ falls flat of those expectations!

‘Bad To Me’ review: It’s high time Wizkid employed creative songwriters!

The beat’s maker, P2J, drew inspiration from the trendy South African Amapiano sound, which has found a place in the minds of Nigerian music listeners.

Wizkid enters the P2J’s well-laced beat with slicky vocals (as usual). The melody is soothing and comforting. However, there’s a problem: the lyrics!

The lyrics are disjointed and inconsistent. The chorus and post-chorus are riddled with many out of context lines, making it hard to tell what exactly the song is all about.

Furthermore, Wizkid’s repetition of ‘Ee-ye ge-ge, Wa jogede’ in the post-chorus is proof of his weak lyrical ability. Perhaps it’s high time Wizkid employed creative songwriters.

Wizkid might be getting listeners warmed up for ‘More Love, Less Ego’ with ‘Bad To Me’. However, the song is too weak for a lead single. He should consider working with creative songwriters on his subsequent releases.


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